Made with all natural products, these scrubs provide benefits and adds to self-care. The following scrubs are offered:

  • Chamomile Enhance skin elasticity, suitable for sensitive skin, shrinks pores, and soothes skin irritations (i.e. psoriasis, eczema, rosacea)
  • Charcoal Absorbs deep into pores to remove dirt & oil, while retaining moisture, helps to eliminate acne, bumps, & blackheads, fights body odor & purifies pores to increase healing
  • Chocolate Rich in flavonoids, boost collagen production and cell health, even fine lines, high in zinc, helps filter UV rays, contains vitamins A, B1,C,D, and E, soothes irritation
  • Coffee Rids of dead skin, reduce appearance of cellulite, reduces puffiness, and reduces inflammation
  • Eucalyptus Relieves sunburn, clears sinus, relaxes muscles, combats stress, and repels bug bites
  • Lavender Heals acne breakouts, promotes relaxation in muscles and mind
  • Peppermint Boost blood circulation, reduce nausea, kills germs, soothes muscles, and helps open up nasal airways
  • Sandalwood Anti-aging properties, also clears up scars, blemishes, spots, & eczema and prevents reoccurrences
  • Tea Tree Contains cleansing & regenerative properties, also good for acne prone skin

You have a choice of 4oz or 8oz

My products can last for 90 days and they stay sweet even longer when refrigerated.

    PriceFrom $12.00